State Department Home Buyers Can Save $1,360 On A Condo

Photo of 200 N Maple Ave #407 Investing in your own home is an exciting milestone, and it's likely the biggest purchase you'll ever make. So don’t jump into it without doing your homework. It's Stuart Nesbitt's job to assist. Photo of 200 N Maple Ave #407 In 22046 in Falls Church, for many home buyers it's ordinarily cheaper for State employees to purchase than to lease a home—especially if we pick up the cash at settlement. If you are a State Department home shopper, one of your greatest challenges will be your money for settlement fees. That’s true whether you’re thinking of your own home like this $349,900 condo at 200 N Maple Ave #407 or any other residence such as this condo at 200 N Maple Ave #407. But I have some great news: Nesbitt Realty can assist with your funds to close. Photo of 200 N Maple Ave #407 But, specifically what does that mean? It means if Stuart Nesbitt is your Realtor when you buy a condo like this condo in Park Towers at 200 N Maple Ave #407, then I will pay a credit of $1,360 toward your funds to close. It's expected that details and restrictions apply. For example, you have use our brokerage for representation to receive this credit for State Department buyers. Photo of 200 N Maple Ave #407

Our rebate can be the difference.

Photo of 200 N Maple Ave #407 Stuart Nesbitt is a market savvy ace on real estate like 200 N Maple Ave #407, and Stuart Nesbitt works for a tiny real estate brokerage. We appreciate every opportunity and love the fact that you picked us. Additionally, Stuart Nesbitt will pay a rebate of $1,360 toward your funds to close. Please reach out to Stuart Nesbitt for learn more about our credit or 200 N Maple Ave #407. $349,900 /// 2 bed /// 1 bath /// 0 half-bath /// 1,018 sqft /// 200 N Maple Ave #407 Falls Church 22046 VA
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