1863 N Adams St, Arlington VA 22201 Listed

How Much Do Residences Cost At Arlington Crest in 22201?

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$885,000 /// 3 bed /// 3 bath /// 1 half-bath /// 1,620 sqft /// Arlington 22201 VA Photo of 1863 N Adams St

What Elementary School Choices Are Available For A Similar List Price?

Yorktown4 Active
South County3 Active
Battlefield3 Active
Washington-Liberty3 Active
Woodson3 Active
Oakton2 Active
Marshall2 Active
Call School Board1 Active
Langley1 Active
McLean1 Active
West Potomac1 Active
Have you thought about the schools that your child will attend if you live at 1863 N Adams St? If you're looking to spend $885,000 in Northern VA, then Arlington Science Focus Elementary School might not be your only choice. The table above shows some of the other options you may wish to think about. Learn more about 1863 N Adams St /// Arlington Crest /// Arlington /// 22201 /// Photo of 1863 N Adams St

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Share your needs and search area with Will Nesbitt. Then Will Nesbitt will find enclaves in 22201 in Arlington that you don’t know much about but that might suit your needs better than you’d thought. 1863 N Adams St will set you back $885,000 if you want to buy in Arlington, Virginia. In this community, places are typically 32 years old. Will Nesbitt can help you find opportunities in 22201 in Arlington not listed on home search sites and can help you avoid out-of-date listings that might be showing up as listed online but are no longer selling. Will Nesbitt is an professional on Arlington County real estate, especially townhouses found in Arlington, Virginia.  

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$894,900 at Rosslyn
$880,000 at Metro Row
$869,990 at Pender Oaks
$869,900 at Rosslyn Crest
$864,900 at None Available

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Moreover, building equity in your home in the Arlington area is a ready-made savings plan. Photo of 1863 N Adams St
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