Townhouses That Have Recently Sold At Huntington At Mt Vernon — But Mine Hasn't? What's The Problem?

Do you have a home similar to 8247 Clifton Farm Ct in Fairfax County that just isn't selling? Did you know that in Huntington At Mt Vernon:
If your home has been on the market for months with no real buyers, the first factor you want to consider is the market. A few questions to ask your agent include:
  • How does your listing look compared with the homes priced similarly?
  • What kind of feedback is your property getting?
  • Is the price right?

Recently Sold At Huntington At Mt Vernon

8213 Clifton Farm Ct
8213 Clifton Farm Ct $525,000 SOLD!
Here are some reasons townhouses similar to 8247 Clifton Farm Ct in Alexandria will sometimes have no action:
  • Photos — If your listing has yet to sell, you may want to revisit the photos you’re using to present it on the MLS.
  • Parking — A difficult driveway or a property without good parking can be slow to sell.
  • First Impression — Let's face it: a few townhouses are not attractive when you first gaze upon them.
  • Unreasonable price — The toughest pill to swallow, but once in a blue moon this is the problem.
These are problems we’ve seen before and challenges we know how to overcome. Are you thinking of selling your residence in Huntington At Mt Vernon? If so, it's appropriate to take into account what places have sold for in the local area. Those homes can give a homeowner an idea of the list price for your affordable townhouse. Email Nesbitt Realty to get a free and more accurate assessment of your home's value. I can also prepare a marketing plan to showcase to you how we plan to get you the best price as quickly as possible.
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