7917 Schuyler Ct, Annandale VA 22003 On The Market

Striking End Unit Townhouse $675,000 ~ Annandale VA 22003

All buyers have a list of wishes, wants and needs, but everything on that list is bounded by the shopper's price range. This end unit townhouse is for sale at 7917 Schuyler Ct for an asking price of $675,000. At a price of $675,000, 7917 Schuyler Ct, Annandale VA is an intriguing end unit townhouse compared to other end unit townhouses for sale now.

4922 Herkimer St, Annandale Real Estate Update

Noteworthy Mid-Sized Residence :: Annandale VA 22003

Stuart Nesbitt likes 4922 Herkimer St. This property in 22003 in Annandale looks like a good value for several reasons. However, Stuart Nesbitt is not recommending you buy this property in particular. That's because, until Stuart Nesbitt know your goals there is no way for me to know if this is the dream interior unit townhouse for you. As a buyer client, you have a lot of choices to make about what's important to you.

To get what you want, you need to know what you want For instance.

Is a view important to you? Do you want a waterview or waterfront interior unit townhouse? What type of heating system do you prefer? Electric? Maybe you like natural gas or the warmth of an oil furnace? The most typical heating system in this section is forced air. Do you need to think about resale value? Do you know what interior unit townhouses have sold for in this area? Here's what has Recently sold at Americana Fairfax.

4934 Sauquoit Ln, Annandale VA 22003 For Sale

Mid 20th-Century Place $509,999 |-| Annandale VA 22003

Purchasing an interior unit townhouse similar to 4934 Sauquoit Ln is often the biggest transaction a resident of Annandale, Virginia will make in their life. As a matter of fact, as an established Realtor, Will Nesbitt is a strong guide that understands the data and the emotional support most property hunters want when digging up and purchasing a $509,999 3-bedroom 3-baths colonial-style place of residence in 22003. Not to mention, there will be dangers to manage and overcome.  Still, a real estate expert like Will can help you to avoid most of the pitfalls  associated with buying an interior unit townhouse in Annandale, Virginia.

Are You Looking For A Mid-sized 3 Bedroom Home For Roughly $550,000?

Of course, you can find a mid-sized 3 bedroom home for roughly $550,000 in the Shenandoah Valley. But there are only a limited number of choice interior unit townhouses in 22003 in Annandale. Maybe one of them is the perfect home for you. If it's not 4934 Sauquoit Ln, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Phone Nesbitt Realty to learn more from a professional specialist on Annandale real estate.

How Much Your Home At Americana Fairfax Will Sell For?

Prices and Pictures Of Properties Recently Sold At Americana Fairfax

What's your home at Americana Fairfax worth? Julie Nesbitt can help you find the market value of your home in Annandale for free. Are you looking at selling your interior unit townhouse at Americana Fairfax in 22003? If so, it's intelligent to know what places near your home are asking and what has recently sold. In addition, sold interior unit townhouses can give a homeowner an idea what the seller's own interior unit townhouse will fetch.

Did you know that in at Americana Fairfax:

4931 Casimir St, Annandale VA 22003 On The Market

Do you want to learn more about real estate in the Shenandoah Valley area?

When you're starting your search for a new place, one of the first things to establish is your buying budget. This home is available for $529,000. Julie Nesbitt tells us that --- depending upon your price range --- you may want to ponder 4931 Casimir St, Annandale VA which is available for $529,000.

4961 Oriskany Dr, Annandale Real Estate Dispatch

$499,000 -|- Annandale Virginia 22003

4961 Oriskany Dr is just listed and looks like a good buy in many ways. But it's not important to Nesbitt Realty that our client buys this townhouse, or any particular large 3-bedroom home in 22003 in Fairfax County. Rather, it's more important to our agents that we do what's right for our client. It's a smart idea to sort out your priorities:
  1. What do you absolutely need from your home?
  2. What would be nice if you could find it?

To get what you want, you need to know what you want Case in point.

Is a view important to you? Do you want a waterview or waterfront home? How important is it that you stay in 22003? Have you considered neighboring areas? Is a view important to you? Do you want a waterview or waterfront residence?