5565 Columbia Pike #412, Arlington VA 22204 Listed

How Much Is A 1-BR Home In 22204?

This home at 5565 Columbia Pike #412 Arlington has been on the market for 122 days and they are currently asking $275,000. Looking at these photos and prices from Arlington County, it's easy to see why this is one of our favorite areas in 22204 in Arlington County. Actually, you will most likely be astonished by what this property can provide.

Townhouse Real Estate Inventory Report

Real estate inventory data, what's sold and facts about townhouse real estate as of 07/05/2023

Considering purchasing a townhouse in 22203? Stuart Nesbitt can help you learn more about townhome real estate. Not to mention, many buyers might be amazed by what is happening to the townhouse real estate market in Northern Virginia. See below for more info about the current state of the townhouse real estate market, including
  • townhouse inventory data,
  • what townhouses have recently sold in Northern Virginia, and
  • facts about townhouses currently on the market.
Stuart Nesbitt would be happy to help your find your dream townhouse.

3825 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington VA 22206 Listed

What Are Residences Like At Fort Barnard Heights In Arlington?

Should you worry about putting out $600,000 for a property like 3825 S Four Mile Run Dr in Arlington? Besides, you might find something you don't like in the Fort Barnard Heights association documents. But, Will Nesbitt can explain to you how to void the contract with no issues so that you don't get stuck in an association that doesn't benefit you the purchaser. Furthermore, there are always risks in Arlington real estate.  But, a patient real estate professional such as Will is able to guide you to manage or avoid many of the problems  associated with buying a home in 22206 in Arlington County.

1830 Columbia Pike #211, Arlington VA 22204 For Sale

Can You Get A 0 Bedroom Unit/Flat In 22204 For $250,000?

Desiring 530 Sqft In 22204 in Arlington County?

Nesbitt Realty tells us that --- depending upon your prequalified spending limit --- you may want to dream about 1830 Columbia Pike #211, Arlington VA which is available for $229,000. On the other hand, compare this to the average square feet (2,276) of properties in the Arlington area to get a sense of today's market.

Monika Ortiz Can Sell Your Detached Homes In The Arlington Area At Lyon Village

Recent Sales Of Residences at Lyon Village in 22201

What is your home in Arlington County at Lyon Village in truth worth? Monika Ortiz can help you find the market value of your residence in the Arlington area for free. Photo of 1609 N Jackson St When the time comes to sell your detached home at Lyon Village, it's appropriate to find out about what properties have sold in the Arlington Area at Lyon Village. That can give a seller a starting point for determining your 5-bedroom 4-baths Colonial-style home's value. Below, we're going to look at specific properties on the market and places that have recently sold.

Did you know that in in Arlington County at Lyon Village:

819 N Fillmore St N, Arlington VA 22201 For Sale

Find A 5 Bedroom Place in the Arlington  Area For $1,799,000

So, is 819 N Fillmore St N the place for you? It could be. Still, you have to ask yourself these questions. Do you need 3 full baths and 1 half baths? Are you dreaming about a late 20th-century place of residence in Arlington? Can you afford $1,799,000? Is it actually worth $1,888,950 or $1,709,050? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $11,118 on this real estate purchase? Call Will Nesbitt to learn more about how we can save you money on your purchase at 819 N Fillmore St N or anywhere in 22201.