Interesting Listings For Buyers Searching For A Sprawling Super Luxury Detached Home

Of course, you can find a sprawling super luxury detached home in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of super luxury detached homes in 22182 in Fairfax County. Possibly one of them is the perfect residence for you. If it's not 1696 Brittenford Ct, then it might be one of the properties listed below. As a home buyer you can deduct your property taxes, and many of the costs involved in buying a property in Fairfax County.  Ask Julie Nesbitt to explain the benefits of buying. She can help.

Fairfax County Real Estate Inventory Report

How is the real estate market 07/15/2021 in Fairfax County?

Are you examining detached homes listed in Fairfax County? Nesbitt Realty can advise you find out more about Fairfax County real estate. Not to mention, even if you are not shocked by what is happening in Fairfax County, you can benefit from this information. See below for more info about the current state of the Fairfax County real estate market, including
  • real estate inventory data,
  • what's recently sold in Fairfax County, and
  • facts about Fairfax County real estate.
Our agents are happy to serve your Fairfax County real estate needs.

4733 Powell Rd, Fairfax VA 22032 Listed

How Much Do Sprawling 4-Bedroom Homes Cost At Sherman Oaks in Fairfax County?

Buying a place of residence similar to 4733 Powell Rd for most Americans is the most complex capital investment an individual will make. Actually, as a local real estate professional with market knowledge about residences comparable to 4733 Powell Rd, Julie Nesbitt will be your advocate who understands the informational and emotional backing that home shoppers need while shopping for 4-bedroom 5-baths detached homes in 22032 in Fairfax County and acquiring a detached home like 4733 Powell Rd. As a matter of fact, there are always dangers in 22032 real estate.  On the other hand, a reliable professional like Julie can help you to manage or avoid many of the problems  associated with buying a home in Fairfax County.

9709 Middleton Ridge Rd, Vienna Real Estate Update

How Much Is A Sprawling Home In 22182?

Purchasing a detached home comparable to 9709 Middleton Ridge Rd for most people is the most complex financial occurrence an American will ever make. What is more, as a devoted and faithful real estate professional, Will Nesbitt will be a strong protector who grasps the informational and emotional support that purchasers need when picking and acquiring a property in 22182 in Fairfax County. Further, there will be problems to manage and overcome.  In contrast, a real estate specialist like Will can help you to avoid most of the problems  associated with buying a dwelling in Fairfax County.

1313 21st St S, Arlington Real Estate Update

How Much Is A Mid 20th-Century 4-Bedroom Home In 22202 in Arlington County?

Purchasing real estate in Arlington like 1313 21st St S is Perhaps the biggest transaction an individual will make in their life. Actually, as a local Realtor with market knowledge about Arlington, Virginia, Will Nesbitt will be a strong advocate who recognizes the informational and emotional backing that home hunters need when shopping for 4-bedroom Colonial-style detached homes in 22202 in Arlington and acquiring a home like 1313 21st St S. Indeed, there are other dangers which can be challenging to overcome.  Above all, a real estate professional like Will can manage and overcome dangers  associated with buying a property in Arlington, Virginia.

3413 Burrows Ave, Fairfax VA 22030 For Sale

Are You Seeking A 5 Bedroom Property For About $1,400,000?

We really like the new home opportunities in Fairfax especially at 3413 Burrows Ave. Here's some basic points.  

The Fairfax Area Basics

  • The average days on market in the Fairfax area is 43 days.
  • The average living area in the Fairfax area is 1,993 sqft. But, 3413 Burrows Ave has 4,000 sqft of living area.
  • The Fairfax Area has an average price per square foot of $370 . But, 3413 Burrows Ave is $350 per sqft.
  • Did you know that brick is the most common type of exterior in the Fairfax area?
  • 4300 Via Drive is the least expensive home in the Fairfax area. 4300 Via Drive is listed for $39,900. But, 12523 Braddock Rd is the highest-priced home in the Fairfax area. 12523 Braddock Rd is asking $2,999,980.
  • The median age of homes in the Fairfax area is 26 years. 3413 Burrows Ave is 0 years old.
In addition, this information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Above all, this data will change.  What is true and accurate today, 06/24/2021, will not be entirely accurate tomorrow or the day before. Check with Julie Nesbitt for the latest real estate information from the Fairfax area or for information about detached homes like 3413 Burrows Ave.

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5-BR Homes That Have Sold At McLean Valley Estates

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