Single-Family Home Real Estate Inventory Report

Timely information about the real estate market 11/22/2021 for detached-homes

Are you thinking of purchasing a detached home in 22003 in Annandale? If yes, you will want to learn more about single-family home real estate in the Shenandoah Valley. In addition, many property hunters might be shocked by what is happening to the detached home real estate market in the Shenandoah Valley. See below for more information about the current state of the single-family residence real estate market, including
  • detached home inventory data,
  • what single-family residences have recently sold in the area, and
  • facts about single-family homes currently selling.
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3114 Waterside Ln, Alexandria VA 22309 Listed

Find A 4 Bedroom Residence in the Alexandria  Area For $675,000

Mid-Sized Detached Home For $675,000 in Alexandria, Virginia

At a price of $675,000, 3114 Waterside Ln, Alexandria VA is an intriguing detached home compared to other homes available now. Still, consider that the average living area of detached homes in the Alexandria area is 1,437.

10918 Marilta Ct, Fairfax VA 22030 Advertised For Sale

Would You Pay $749,500 For A 4-BR 4 BA Detached Home In 22030 in Fairfax?

So, is 10918 Marilta Ct the ideal home for you? Perhaps. Can you afford $750,000? Is it actually worth $786,975 or $712,025? Are you looking for a 4-bedroom Cape Cod-style detached home in 22030 in Fairfax? Do you need 4 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $4,532 on this detached home purchase? Contact Nesbitt Realty to get an up to the minute look at exactly what $750,000 can buy you in the 22030 Zip code.

Single-Family Residence Real Estate Facts

Real estate inventory data, what's sold and facts about detached home real estate as of 11/22/2021

Are you mulling over the idea of buying a house in 22030? There's a lot to learn about buying a house in Northern Virginia and we can help. Indeed, you will be surprised by what is happening in the detached home real estate market. See below for more information about the current state of the single-family residence real estate market, including
  • detached-home inventory data,
  • what houses have recently sold in Northern Virginia, and
  • facts about detached homes currently advertised for sale.
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Are You Looking For A Luxury Detached Home In Arlington County?

If you have questions about this detached home in 22207 in Arlington County, contact Nesbitt Realty. We can help. If you are looking for an intriguing luxury detached home in Arlington County, your choices might be limited right now. 2419 N Lincoln St might be the best selection for you, but we have a few more tips below.

7107 Hickory Hill Rd, Falls Church VA 22042 For Sale

Check Out in Fairfax County Virginia 22042 /// $609,000

Buying a home not unlike 7107 Hickory Hill Rd is perhaps the most complex purchase an individual from 22042 will make in their life. As a matter of fact, as a Realtor with local market knowledge about Fairfax County, Monika Ortiz will be a strong advocate who grasps the information and emotional support that buyer clients need if trying to find and acquiring a $609,000 4-bedroom place in 22042 in Falls Church. On the other hand, there will be problems to manage and overcome.  Above all, a real estate pro like Monika can aid you to avoid most of the problems  associated with buying a detached home in Fairfax County.

2909 Brook Dr, Falls Church VA 22042 Listed

{Price_Adjective caps=true} {Beds}-Bedroom $890,000 ⁝ Falls Church Virginia 22042

Big Detached Home For $890,000 in 22042

Andrew Patton tells us that, depending upon your prequalified spending limit, you might want to take into account this dwelling at 2909 Brook Dr listed for $890,000. Conversely, consider that the average living area of places in the Falls Church area is 1,642.