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How much will real estate at Heights At Penderbrook sell for?

What is your home at Heights At Penderbrook in fact worth? Nesbitt Realty can help you find the market value of your condo in 22033 for free. Are you contemplating selling your place of residence in the Fairfax Area at Heights At Penderbrook? If so, it's appropriate to investigate what places near your home are asking and what has recently sold. What is more, sold places can give a real estate seller an idea what the seller's own property will fetch.

Did you know that in in Fairfax County at Heights At Penderbrook:

515 N Washington St #203, Alexandria VA 22314 Listed For Sale

0 Bedroom in Old Town For $359,900

So, is 515 N Washington St #203 the dream condo for you? It could be. But, you have to ask yourself these questions. Can you afford $350,000? Is it actually worth $377,895 or $341,905? Are you dreaming about a $359,900 home in The City of Alexandria? Do you need 1 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $1,429 on this real estate purchase? If you have questions about 515 N Washington St #203, or the real estate market in The City of Alexandria, email Julie Nesbitt today.

The City Of Alexandria Real Estate Inventory Report

Surprising data about the real estate market 06/14/2021 in the City of Alexandria

Are you considering buying a townhouse in the City of Alexandria? Of course, it's an intelligent idea to learn more about the City of Alexandria real estate. If so, you will possibly be amazed by what is happening in the the City of Alexandria real estate market. See below for more info about the current state of the the City of Alexandria real estate market, including
  • real estate inventory data,
  • what's recently sold in the City of Alexandria, and
  • facts about the City of Alexandria real estate.
Our agents are happy to serve your the City of Alexandria real estate needs.

Would You Like To Save $1,360 When You Invest In At Cedar Lakes?

Photo of 4363 Wilson Valley Dr #204 We know you have a choice. And our rebate is just one way of thanking our clients for the opportunity to be of service. Julie Nesbitt is happy to help, just let us know how. Photo of 4363 Wilson Valley Dr #204 Julie Nesbitt can save you money on your real estate purchase at Cedar Lakes or anywhere in Northern VA. Nesbitt Realty understands real estate in 22033 in Fairfax. Photo of 4363 Wilson Valley Dr #204

247 S Pickett St #402, Alexandria VA 22304 Listed

$395,000 -|- 2 Bedroom in 22304 in Alexandria at Hillwood

Are you worrying about purchasing real estate like 247 S Pickett St #402 in The City of Alexandria? The average days on market in Hillwood is 5. Do you know if this advantages you, or disadvantages you in negotiations? Julie Nesbitt has the experience to position you to get the home you want. Moreover, there are always risks in 22304 in the City of Alexandria real estate.  But, a personable expert like Julie can assist you to manage or avoid many of the problems  associated with buying a penthouse in The City of Alexandria.

6047-A Essex House Sq, Alexandria VA 22310 For Sale

${Price} $315,000 In Alexandria Virginia 22310

Should you worry about doling out $300,000 for a dwelling like 6047-A Essex House Sq in Fairfax County? You could pay too much for the condo. But even so, Will Nesbitt can arrange for a licensed appraiser to make sure you don't pay more than fair market value. Not to mention, there are other problems which can be challenging to overcome.  In contrast, a real estate professional like Will can manage and overcome risks  associated with buying a place of residence in 22310 in Alexandria.

2941 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington Real Estate Announcement

Surprising Residence $399,900 :-: Arlington VA 22206

Do you worry about purchasing real estate like 2941 S Dinwiddie St in 22206 in Arlington? On the other hand, you could find yourself under contract, but unable to get a loan. Nevertheless, Andrew Patton can help you prepare an offer that contains a financing contingency that will get you out of the purchase with no problems if you can't get the loan. Actually, there are always dangers in 22206 in the City of Alexandria real estate.  But, a hard-working sage like Andrew can guide you to manage or avoid many of the risks  associated with buying a home in 22206.

5936 Cove Landing Rd #204b, Burke VA 22015 For Sale

Would You Pay $307,000 For A Mid 20th-Century Condo In Burke, Virginia?

What Monika Ortiz really appreciates about working in the 22015 zip code, is that it’s a great place to obtain the expectations of buyers shopping for properties like 5936 Cove Landing Rd #204b in Burke. Get a load of this mid 20th-century home at 5936 Cove Landing Rd #204b which is selling today. Actually, you will be surprised by what this condo can provide.

4862 Eisenhower Ave #268, Alexandria VA 22304 Listed

Alexandria Virginia Listed :: $360,000

Purchasing real estate like 4862 Eisenhower Ave #268 is perhaps the most important purchase most residents of Alexandria, Virginia will ever make. Moreover, as a tech savvy real estate agent, Monika Ortiz will be your champion who understands the information and noncognitive support that home hunters need when spotting and acquiring a dwelling in 22304 in Alexandria. Besides, there are always dangers in The City of Alexandria real estate.  On the other hand, a competent specialist like Monika can assist you to manage or avoid many of the pitfalls  associated with buying a condo in 22304.